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Zero Waste Solid Shampoo Bar
Zero Waste Solid Shampoo Bar
Zero Waste Solid Shampoo Bar

Zero Waste Solid Shampoo Bar

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Why its great

Get rid of plastic bottles! Zero waste Shampoo bars will take up less room, last a long time and help save our planet! A small change like this can make a big difference. Lather up with our zero waste shampoo bar. This natural shampoo bar is perfect for travel as it replaces 2-3 16 oz bottles of liquid shampoo. No more plastic bottles going straight to the dump! More natural ingredients make it a safer choice for all home and shower types! Our handmade shampoo bars are 100% sulfate-free. Our shampoo bars are made of high-quality all-natural ingredients.

Hand-pressed to achieve the best quality these cute solid bars will naturally treat and restore your hair to its original shine. The compact size and lightweight making these cute shampoo bars the perfect choice for travel camping airplane or on the road helping you take good care of your hair while being 100% waste-free. Our shampoo bars are perfectly ph-balanced. These bars give you the richest lather and are suitable for all hair types, including colored hair. Your hair feels amazingly hydrated, clean, and renewed after using our shampoo bar.

Made from

sodium cocoyl isethionate noodles, sodium cocoyl isethionate, argan oil, btms 25, cetyl alcohol, cocomidapropyl betaine, vegekeratin, dL panthenol (vitamin b5) and various essential oils

How to use

Run the shampoo bar under the shower water and then start the lather in your hand. You can then rub the shampoo bar directly onto your scalp/hair until the desired lather is reached. Store in an area of you shower where the bar is allowed to fully dry between uses to extend the life of the shampoo bar.

Small details

shampoo bars are now a larger size and up to 30% larger than before. They come packaged in a recyclable/biodegradable sleeve for easy recycling or composting


Photos by Karina Richardson Photography

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