Tonka + Oud Soy Candle

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100% soy candles that are hand poured in small batches. Each candle comes with a wooden wick.

Tonka + Oud provides a woody scent with top notes of amaretto and powder. It is a mellow scent that is perfect for use in any room.

How to use: Wooden wicks can be more difficult to light than a traditional cotton wick. Make sure you leave your flame on the wick for about 10 seconds or so. The flame might go out when you light the first time - this is okay, and normal. Just light it again. Make sure you trim the wick after each use. Burn the candle for at least 2 hours each time but not more than 4 hours. Please read the warning label on the underside of the candle before use.

Candles have an impressive scent throw for such a small tin. I would recommend using in a space around 200 sq ft for best results. Scent fills the air nicely but doesn't overwhelm.

Note profile:

Top: powder, amaretto
Middle: tonka, balsam
Bottom: rum, light musk, dark musk, oud

Each candle is hand poured in small batches. **Sample tins come with cotton wicks**