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PRIDE Bubble Cake Slice
PRIDE Bubble Cake Slice

PRIDE Bubble Cake Slice

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Why its great

PRIDE bubble cake was inspired by me watching a lot of cake decorating shows and deciding I missed doing that so I was going to make an entire cake out of bubbles! This bubble cake slice is HUGE with the average slice weighing about 8 ounces or more! 

Made from

baking soda, sodium laureth sulfoacetate, arrowroot powder, cocomidapropyl betaine, cream of tartar, glycerin, lemongrass essential oil, cocoa butter, kaolin clay, polysorbate 80, red 40, yellow 1, yellow 6, blue 1, and red 27 lakes

How to use

Chop a piece off of the solid bubble bath and run it under the bath water as the tub is filling up. You can use a bubble maker (a small collander you can find on etsy) for extra bubbles! Add this solid bubble bath to your bath cocktail as well.

Small Details

Our solid bubble baths all come shrink wrapped but the wrapping IS NOT plastic. It is completely biodegradable. Bath tub may be slippery upon exit after using a bath tub, exit your tub with this in mind and use caution. This solid bubble bath can be cut up and used for multiple baths! 

We suggest cutting the bubble cake into layers so that you can use complimentary colors in your bath. Unless you want brown bath water, then throw the whole thing in at once! This bubble cake slice is large enough for at least 6 baths! 

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