Natural Coconut Oil Lip Exfoliator

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These lip scrubs are freaking fantastic. Made with superfine brown and white sugars they are 100% edible. They are made with organic coconut oil. Use lip scrubs to exfoliate your lips as part of your regular skincare routine. Also doubles as a great way to remove lipstick after a night out! Just rub the exfoliating scrub on your lips and wipe it off to see your lipstick completely gone! 

All Lip Scrubs come in a .5ounce tin and they are all 100% edible.

The Peppermint Vanilla & Coffee Addict flavors are both 100% vegan.

You can rest assured that all of Earthly Elixirs' lip scrubs are:

*Made from natural ingredients including coconut oil and white sugar.
*Fragrance Oil Free (Scented with Essential Oils ONLY)
*Paraben free
*Vegan friendly
*Never tested on animals

Peppermint Vanilla
-Coconut Oil
-White Sugar
-Peppermint Essential Oil
-Vanilla Extract

Coffee Addict:
-Home made coffee infused coconut oil
-White Sugar

Brown Sugar & Honey *
-Coconut Oil
-Brown Sugar

Honey Lemon
-Coconut Oil
-Lemon Essential Oil
-White Sugar

-Coconut Oil
-Grapefruit Essential Oil
-White Sugar