Lavender and Rose Facial Toner

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Maui facial toner is inspired by the island of Maui in Hawaii. It combines lavender and rose hydrosol for a soothing floral scent to help balance the pH of your skin.

Facial toners are great to use after you wash your face. Most facial cleansers can be acidic or alkaline in quality so the use of a ph balanced toner can help bring your skin back to its natural PH level and prepare it for the moisturizing step of your skincare routine.

You can rest assured that all of Earthly Elixirs toners are:

*Made from natural ingredients including rose water and aloe vera
*Fragrance Oil Free (Scented with Essential Oils ONLY)
*Paraben free
*Vegan friendly
*Never tested on animals

This body oil is made in a small batch from the following local ingredients:

-Aloe Vera Liquid
-Witch Hazel
-Rose Water Hydrosol
-Lavender Hydrosol
-Leucidal Liquid (all natural preservative made from fermented radish roots)

Please reuse or recycle all parts when done.