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Kadaku Plum Facial Serum

Kadaku Plum Facial Serum

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Inspired by the neighborhood I live in; Ballard Facial Oil is truly a skin super food. Ballard is a small neighborhood in Seattle who's roots lay in a Norwegian fishing culture. Tamanu Oil is green in color and has a distinctive odor; it reminds me of the harbor in Ballard where the boats come to rest after their fishing adventures. Don't let this deter you though, this oil is truly a skin superfood and with the addition of lavender and orange essential oils this serum has a truly unique scent.

 To apply: Remove dropper from bottle and put a couple drops on each cheek and your forehead. Rub in with hands. A little bit goes a long way! Maybe 5-6 drops for your whole face.

 Handmade in small batches with love from the following ingredients: rosehip seed oil, argan oil, squalane oil, kadaku plum oil

All serums come packaged in a glass bottle. Please recycle/reuse when finished.