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NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA: This natural deodorant was formulated without the addition of baking soda which can be irritating to many people's sensitive underarm skin. I, myself am allergic to baking soda in deodorant so I wanted to formulate a deodorant that would work well for people with sensitive skin while also being effective. If you are currently using a deodorant from the store be warned that your underarms will go through a "detox" phase when using a natural deodorant which can cause them to smell more than normal during that period. Each deodorant is scented with a variety of essential oils which have been known to have antibacterial properties which aids the deodorants ingredients in preventing underarm smell!

Now in a smaller purse size as well!!

Note: This is a deodorant only, not an antiperspirant

To apply: Remove the cap and rub the deodorant along each armpit. Depending on activity level, I would recommend using this twice a day. If you aren't currently using a natural deodorant your armpits will go through a "detox" phase and you may notice an increase in body odor.

You can rest assured that all of purelyposhsoapco's deodorants are:

*Made from natural ingredients including shea butter and food grade diatomaceous earth
*Fragrance Oil Free (Scented with Essential Oils ONLY)
*Paraben free
*Never tested on animals

Handmade in small batches with love from the following ingredients:
-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
-Shea Butter
-Arrowroot Powder
-Avocado Oil
-Neem Oil
-Tamanu Oil
-Coconut Oil
-Essential Oils

All deodorants come packaged in a cardboard tube. Please recycle/compost when finished.

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