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Hemp Seed Oil Facial Cream

Hemp Seed Oil Facial Cream

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This face cream is made with four simple ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Jojoba Oil

It is similar to but unlike a regular lotion because there is no water in this recipe, it is much closer to a butter rather than a lotion for this fact.

All four of the above oils/butters is non-comedogenic which means they are safe to use on your facial skin and you can rest assured they will not clog your pores. This face cream is unscented. Hemp Seed Oil has a multitude of benefits for the skin as well as shea butter. You will be amazed at how moisturized your skin feels after using this cream for even a day!

This is a thick cream so I would recommend using it as a night cream. Finally, a little bit goes a long way, I use about a pea size for my entire face!

All face creams come packaged in a glass jar. Please recycle/reuse when finished!