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Hemp Seed Oil Facial Butter
Hemp Seed Oil Facial Butter

Hemp Seed Oil Facial Butter

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Why it's great

Hemp Seed Oil facial cream is our flagship facial cream and was formulated for acne prone skin. It is similar to but unlike a regular lotion because there is no water in this recipe, it is much closer to a butter rather than a lotion for this fact.

Made From

shea butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil

How to use

We recommend that you use this facial cream as a night cream before bed. It is a thick cream that has no fillers and takes time to soak into your skin. Just scoop a tiny bit of it out of the jar and make sure you rub it in all over your face and neck. 

Small details

This facial cream comes packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid so no need to worry about plastic waste!


Photo by Karina Richardson Photography