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Earthly Elixirs

Halloween Bath Bombs

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Why It's Great

Halloween has arrived! I couldn't wait to get a jump on halloween with this cute halloween inspired bath bombs! Choose which shape you'd like during checkout. Channel your inner halloween loving self by throwing one of these bombs in the tub with you. If you want extra spookiness you could throw in more than one at a time! These Halloween bath bombs even make a perfect gift for a bachelorette party or for a halloween party. Wow your guests with a handmade halloween bath bomb party favor.

Made From

> Baking Soda
> Citric Acid
> Sweet Almond Oil
> Cream of Tartar
> Kaolin Clay
> Cocomidapropyl Betaine
> Sodium Laureth Sulfoacetate
> Polysorbate 80
> Essential Oils & Fragrance
> Mica
> Biodegradable Glitter

How To Use:

Drop the bath bomb in your tub after it's done filling up, before or after you decide to get in! For bath bombs with bubble frosting (witches brew) you'll want to remove the frosting from the top of the bath bomb and you can run that under the bath water as it's filling up to create a bubble bath with your super fun halloween bath bombs!

Small Details:


Coffin Bath Bomb: Ylang Ylang & Orange

Vampire Lips: Blood Orange

Bat Bath Bomb: Lavender & Frankincense

Planchette Bath Bomb: Patchouli, Mandarin & Litsea Cubea Essential Oil

Pumpkin Bath Bomb: Patchouli, Orange & Ginger Essential Oil

BOO Bath Bomb: Tangerine Essential Oil

Witches Brew (Cauldron): Patchouli & Orange



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