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Solid Hair Conditioner Bar
Solid Hair Conditioner Bar

Solid Hair Conditioner Bar

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Conditioner Bars give you all of the benefits of regular conditioner without the waste of a plastic bottle! These are essentially concentrated conditioner so while they look small they will last many uses in the shower. I included the addition of Vege-Keratin (a vegan alternative to keratin) which is made from soy and wheat proteins. It can help increase hair strength and elasticity as well as reduce frizz and add shine!

 Ingredients: btms 25, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, dimethicone, glycerin, panthenol, hydrolyzed baobab protein, essential oils, mica

Regular conditioner bars weigh 1.5 ounces and will last for 60+ conditions 

To use: Run the conditioner bar under the shower water to get wet. Rub the conditioner bar directly onto your hair until you can easily run your fingers through your hair. Rinse hair thoroughly after use. To increase the life of the conditioner bar, make sure you store it in an area of the shower where it will be able to dry fully between uses.

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