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Earthly Elixirs

Coffee Sugar Whipped Soap

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Why It's Great

Scented with coffee seed oil and coffee butter, not only is it amazing for your skin it smells just like your morning cup of coffee! (If not even better) This whipped soap is a creamy, foaming and luxurious body wash. Made from gentle ingredients as always. A little bit of this whipped soap goes a long way. You can rub it directly on your skin or add it to your washcloth or loofah and watch it lather up! This can be used as a shaving soap or a body wash.  

Made From

fine grain white sugar, sodium cocoyl isethionate, vegetable glycerin, cocomidapropyl betaine, distilled water, stearic acid, coffee grounds, argan oil, avocado oil, optiphen, vanilla extract, mica

How to Use

Hand scoop a little bit of this whipped soap out of the jar and rub directly onto your skin. You can also add to a loofah or washcloth to maximize on the lather. A little bit goes a long way and you will cleanse and exfoliate your skin at the same time. 

Small details

All of our whipped soaps are packaged in glass jars with metal screw tops. You don't have to worry about plastic consumption when you're shopping with Earthly Elixirs!

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