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Earthly Elixirs

Coffee Ground Natural Facial Scrub

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Why its great

Our flagship facial scrub features freshly ground coffee beans which aid in exfoliating your skin and can also serve to enhance skins tone and brightness. In addition to exfoliating the ingredients in this scrub go hand in hand with your body's own processes and can slough off dead skin and help with skin regeneration. 

Made from

coconut oil, brown sugar, coffee grounds, argan oil, raspberry seed oil, argan oil, optiphen plus & aloe extract 

How to use

Take a small amount out of the jar and scrub lightly onto your skin in a circular motion. For optimal results use no more than three times per week. Over exfoliating can damage your skin and lead to skin dryness

Small details

This coffee facial scrub is one of our flagship products. It's a cult favorite for a reason that always keeps people coming back for more. 



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How to use

Each product is different in the subscription box.


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