Dry Skin Facial Serum

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Inspired by the city of Missoula this Zoo Town facial serum is formulated especially for dry skin types! Besides the color yellow always reminding me of Missoula; I'm not sure if its the amount of trees in this city and their change to yellow (it's quite a sight to see if you haven't already) or the grass covered mountains that seem to loom (in a good way) over the city, this oil is also inspired by this city because it makes your skin REALLY DRY! Coming to Seattle from Missoula I was like WHOA; it is very much the desert and your nose and your skin will remind you of that in all seasons! So look no further than Zoo Town facial serum if you've got dry skin!

Kukui Nut Oil: Kukui means "enlightenment" and for good reason! This oil is known for its ability to revitalize skin providing essential moisture and nutrients. It is best suited for dry skin as it can leave a oily residue on the skin.

Jojoba Oil: Provides intense moisture and instantly absorbs into the skin. Filled with vitamin E & B. Great for sensitive skin.

Argan Oil: Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Easily absorbed into the skin.

To apply: Remove dropper from bottle and put a couple drops on each cheek and your forehead. Rub in with hands. A little bit goes a long way! Maybe 5-6 drops for your whole face.

You can rest assured that all of purelyposhsoapco's serums are:

*Made from natural ingredients including jojoba and kukui nut oil:
*Fragrance Oil Free (Scented with Essential Oils ONLY)
*Paraben free
*Vegan friendly
*Never tested on animals

Handmade in small batches with love from the following ingredients:
-Jojoba Oil
-Argan Oil
-Kukui Nut Oil
-Orange Essential Oil

All serums come packaged in a glass bottle. Please recycle/reuse when finished.