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Cucumber Facial Toner
Cucumber Facial Toner

Cucumber Facial Toner

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Why its great

Cucumber facial toner was formulated for sensitive skin in mind. It is suitable enough for all skin types and perfectly pH balanced. This toner can also be soothing for irritated skin.

Made from

aloe vera liquid, witch hazel, cucumber hydrosol, radish root ferment filtrate

How to use

You can use this facial toner after cleansing your skin to bring it back to its natural pH level. This facial toner is gentle enough to use as a facial mist if you need to add moisture or hydration to your skin at any time throughout the day. 

Small details

Facial toners are great to use after you wash your face. Most facial cleansers can be acidic or alkaline in quality so the use of a ph balanced toner can help bring your skin back to its natural PH level and prepare it for the moisturizing step of your skincare routine. Please reuse or recycle all parts when done.

Photos by Karina Richardson Photography