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Coffee Vanilla Whipped Body Scrub

Coffee Vanilla Whipped Body Scrub

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Coffee Lovers Dream is just what you need to get yourself through a busy work day and also keep your skin up to snuff during these dry winter months! Use this on its own or in addition to your morning cup of coffee, what ever floats your boat just use it! The aromatization comes alive when in the shower with this scrub, the hot water accentuates the coffee grounds and makes for an all immersive experience!


-Fine Grain White Sugar
-Coconut Oil
-Coffee Seed Oil
-Vanilla Extract
-Coffee Grounds

Because sugar scrubs could potentially come into contact with include water, a paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative has been added.

This listing is for an 9 ounce glass jar with a screw top. Please reuse or recycle jar when finished.

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