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Blue Spruce Candle

Blue Spruce Candle

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Why its great

100% soy candles that are hand poured in small batches. Blue spruce is the perfect holiday scent to take you straight into the forest, thinking about cutting down your very own blue spruce christmas tree! Perfectly giftable for any tree scent smelling candle friends you might have. You can count me in on this scent! 


Top: eucalyptus

Middle: spruce, evergreen

Bottom: cedar



Each of our hand poured soy candles is made with a lot of thought and care. 




100% soy wax from soybeans grown in the USA; phthalate free & clean fragrances safe for you and your whole family!


Tips for your wooden wick:


Wooden wicks can be tricky; you want to hold your flame on the wick for 5-10 seconds to start. The flame might go out (this is normal), if it does, trim the wick and light again and you should be good to go!